Large media response to FarmX

The media’s interest in FarmX over the past few months has been considerable. The app, developed by Seccom, attracted a lot of attention in the trade press as well as in the rest of the press. Articles have been published in French and German media titles.

Digital change in agriculture

With FarmX (available on Iphone, Android and in the browser) interested farmers can advertise their machines online for rent and at the same time rent machines that they cannot or do not want to buy themselves.

This increases machine utilization and reduces operating costs. Increased cooperation between farmers can save these working hours.

But FarmX is more than just a rental platform. It has functions to automate invoice generation. It informs farmers about an early reservation end and much more.

The online software has been specially developed for farmers, machine rings, machine cooperatives and contractors. However, it is also suitable for agricultural landlords.

A non-exhaustive list of media articles about FarmX

RTS, 20.03.2019, Machines agricoles: une application pour partager au lieu d’acheter

Terre & Nature, 13.12.2018, Avec FarmX, l’économie de partage débarque dans le hangar à machines

Le Quotidien jurassien, 14.12.2018, Economies à engranger

Aargauer Zeitung, 13.12.2018, Landwirte lancieren ihr eigenes Uber

Agri, 23.11.2019, FarmX, l’outil en ligne qui simplifie l’utilisation de machines en commun

Landfreund: Wirklich geringere Technikkosten, 11.2018

Bauernzeitung/die Grüne: FarmX will Mieten zum Reflex machen, 11.2018

Canal Alpha, 11.10.2018

Vidéo facebook par l’équipe de Nouvo

RTS La matinale du 23 janvier 2018 « Le Jura veut encourager l’utilisation de machines agricoles en commun »

SRF Radio 10.02.2018 JU : eine App soll den Austausch von Landmaschinen erleichtern

Schweizerbauer, Silicon Valley im Jura, 21.10.2018

Agri, 15.06.2018

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